Some Love for the Edmonton Tech Scene

I have been back in Edmonton for 3 years and dove into the tech scene from the minute I returned. At that time things were pretty quiet. Fast forward 3 years and we now have Startup Edmonton, a strong DemoCamp community and additional community building initiatives driven by both the public and private sectors.  More importantly, we are starting to see more people who appear to “get it”.  “Getting it” consists of the realization that thriving tech communities are built from the bottom up by individuals and not by throwing money and programs at it from the different levels of governments.  These can be used to accelerator growth, but they will not create it.

With all of this in mind, I was encouraged to see the Edmonton tech scene get some fantastic exposure last week.

It was definitely a great week in getting the Edmonton tech scene some well deserved exposure.  Hopefully this is just a sign of the things to come!