The Ultimate Test

With having hundreds of meetings with entrepreneurs under my belt I’ve realized a single question that constantly enters my mind. This question has risen in importance to the point of becoming a huge red flag, and likely a deal killer, if the answer isn’t “Yes.” That question is: “Could I see myself going to work […]

Some Love for the Edmonton Tech Scene

I have been back in Edmonton for 3 years and dove into the tech scene from the minute I returned. At that time things were pretty quiet. Fast forward 3 years and we now have Startup Edmonton, a strong DemoCamp community and additional community building initiatives driven by both the public and private sectors.  More […]

I have a blog!

This is something I should have started a long time ago generic clomid hyclate.  A place to share thoughts, experiences and lessons in trying to build companies.  This is by no means the blog of an expert, but rather, someone who is trying to put himself in the position to learn and apply as much […]